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Brad’s Courses and Workshops

For over 40 years, and in more than 30 territories and countries around the world, Brad has provided leadership training, organization development, program evaluation, workforce training, coaching, and project management services to U.S. Government agencies, public and non-profit organizations, and private sector enterprises.  He specializes in training, group facilitation, process improvement, team building, and strategic planning.

Quick!  I Need to Be a Leader in 30 Days! (Course)

This 30-day program will turn you and/or selected staff members into effective leaders!  How?  We offer a unique, four-step system of training, personal follow-up, an outdoor experience, books, worksheets, plus one-on-one support to equip you with the concepts, skills, attitudes, and practical applications for success!  We will also provide personal feedback and recommendations for your continued learning.  In one month you will understand the basic and advanced elements of leadership and be able to apply what you have learned in meetings and in everyday interactions with followers.
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Quick!  I Need to Be a Leader in 30 Days!


Fundamentals of The Basic Elements® of Temperament Workshop

This 1-day interactive workshop provides the beginner with an understanding of the origins and applications of temperament and provides experiential learning exercises to discover how the dominant temperament influences our actions and reactions to co-workers, family members, and other people we meet along the way.

Advanced Basic Elements® of Temperament Workshop

This ½ day workshop reviews the dominant temperament and highlights the shadow temperament as a major factor in enhancing relationships and dealing with conflict.  It also encourages development of undiscovered skills and talents hidden by the shadow temperament.

Temperament:  Leadership for Child Care and Education Professionals

This 1-day course focuses the study of temperament on enhancing working relationships with students, parents, co-workers, owners, and colleagues.  It includes an introduction to both the dominant and shadow temperaments and challenges participants to use temperament as a tool for better understanding and improving their current working relationships.

Temperament:  Advanced Leadership for Child Care and Education Professionals

This ½-day course builds upon strategies and techniques for reducing conflict and enhancing professional relationships in the childcare and education sectors.  Case studies, role-plays, and large group discussions stress that a greater understanding of temperament will add practical methods and new insights to the capabilities of today’s teaching professionals.

Leadership Seminar for Non-Profit Professionals

This ½-day seminar focuses on issues, concerns, conflicts, and working relationships within the non-profit sector.  Interactive and entertaining sessions will strengthen the capacity of participants to become more inclusive in program planning, fundraising, and client relationships.

Keeping Our Teenage Driver Safe With Temperament (Workshop)

This ½ day or 1-day seminar is designed for the parents of teenage drivers (along with their sons or daughters) and provides information, materials, and activities to aid in their support of the newest driver in their family through a better understanding of personal temperament.

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