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While we had to struggle to learn the lessons of temperament, you won’t! Jim and Brad’s book can help you understand and apply these principles quickly and effectively.” -Ken and Scott Blanchard
“Brad’s highly interactive and fun workshop has helped me understand and work better with employees and my supervisor!” -NASA participant.
“People quit their bosses, not their jobs. What is it about boss-subordinate relationships that can create so much suffering? Brad Dude provides us with a sound set of psychological lenses accessible tools and effective practices to help us navigate those sticky boss-subordinate relationships.” -Jimmie D. White, Consultant, NASA, Leadership Development & Excellence in Management Program.
“What an insightful, practical addition to the study of temperaments! Anyone who has a boss will benefit from this book. It is clearly written and succinct; the amount of time you invest will payoff exponentially in your job. I’ve already made some changes at work that make me feel more comfortable and productive.” -Dr. Deborah P. Jones, Arlington, VA
“While AAA’s studies of beginning driver behaviors has yielded critical information that promises to save the lives of teen drivers and those who share the road with them, author Brad Dude has joined the cause by investigating how human temperament influences driving behaviors. The most important benefit of this quick read is that it helps parents identify, understand and address how temperament might impact their child’s driving behaviors, and why they should pay close attention to this subject long before handing over the keys to the car.” -Bill Purpura, Editor & Publisher, Home & Away, AAA Ohio Automobile Club.
“’What Makes You Tick and What Ticks You Off’ deftly distills the complicated world of temperaments into a practical framework to show us how we can have better, more fulfilling relationships and interactions with friends, family and co-workers.” -Griff Hall, Strategy Instructor, Carey School of Business, Johns Hopkins University.

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