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Keeping Our Teens Safe on the Road Should Be No Accident!: Using the Basic Elements of Temperament to Reduce Teenage Fatalities! (Secrets of Temperament) (Volume 3)

“Keeping Our Teens Safe on the Road Should be No Accident!” is a book aimed at helping parents and other adult drivers provide guidance and instruction to their teens who are learning how to drive. The book demonstrates how temperament influences teens (just as it does adults) when they are behind the wheel and suggests a greater awareness of such influence can make them better and safer drivers. This quick read also provides a “Parental Temperament Checklist” that can be kept in the glove compartment and used in the car, in real-time, for discussions on the topic of temperament. This book is especially important for use during the first 1,000 miles of a teen’s driving experience–the time when most accidents occur.