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The Great Shadow’s Five Christmas Secrets: How Personality Influences Our Outlook on Life! (Temperament Tales) (Volume 1)

This holiday book is aimed at families who enjoy reading and exploring concepts that can promote and enhance family values. The Great Shadow represents that part of our inborn personality that helps us discover hidden strengths and talents yet can also strongly influence our biases and prejudices. Each of five Christmas “Secrets” illustrates common situations that young folks find themselves in and shares their dilemma for finding positive solutions. Each of us possess a shadow temperament that influences our perception of the world around us and the behaviors of others. It’s that inner voice telling us that something, or someone, is wrong or crazy or even stupid. That inner voice often provides us with a negative outlook on what we experience and one that can easily get us into trouble. However, that inner voice of our shadow temperament also represents those early hopes, dreams and talents of our childhood that have been long forgotten or discarded as being too childish or impossible. Each character in “The Great Shadow’s Five Christmas Secrets” faces a problem situation that must be resolved and each are influenced in some way by their shadow temperament. Each shadow (whether it is the youthful one of a youngster or an older one of an adult) influences the thinking and actions of its possessor. The Great Shadow has the ability to see each person’s shadow in operation and teaches them the ramifications of their strong influence. Some shadows believe they are “protecting” their owners by convincing them not to do something it perceives as dangerous. Others believe they are totally justified in convincing their owners to act in a certain way because they perceive it to be right! The Great Shadow, changing into a multitude of wonderful shapes to indicate its feelings, takes a professorial role in teaching these shadows about the responsibilities of influencing their owners and resolving problem situations in a more positive manner.