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Quick! I Need to Be a Leader in 30 Days!

Your new VP tells you sales are off by 25 percent; he believes the sales team is dysfunctional and half of them should be fired. Meanwhile, sales team members tell you confidentially the VP is out of control and restricts the team from calling your biggest client directly. What to do? Fire the VP? Fire half the sales team? Continue to watch your numbers fall?

Quick! I Need to Be a Leader in 30 Days! provides you with effective options. Leadership author Brad Dude takes you on a practical, no nonsense adventure transforming even the most inexperienced leader into one with confidence and skills within 30 days! Anyone can become a leader by following this plan of action with readings, models, and on-the-job practice assignments.

In this book, Brad Dude will show you how to

Lead individuals, teams and organizations
Influence your organization and the people in it
Manage organizational conflicts more effectively
And much more…
At the end of this book you will have a 30-day outline of key steps needed to become an effective leader–even if you have no experience or background in leadership.